The Future of Umpire Training

Transitioning from outdated, in-person umpire training to on-demand, virtual courses. This crucial step forward enhances accessibility, allowing learners to pace themselves and access content from anywhere. Our modern approach accommodates busy schedules and diverse talent, making umpire training more flexible, inclusive, and effective in our rapidly evolving world.

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Focused on Youth Baseball

We focus on the rules, mechanics, and skills needed to work NFHS and Youth Baseball

Everything to Get Started Fast

We cover all aspects of being an umpire, including rules knowledge, mechanics, and the off-field responsibilities for sports officials

Convenient Training for All

New and experienced umpires love the speed and efficiency of GOOD online training compared to in-person or on zoom

For UmpiresĀ 

Umpire Classroom is designed specifically to focus on your job for High School and Youth Baseball. Working professional and collegiate baseball is very different from working games with teens and kids. Our instruction is led by umpires who can combine their experience at all of those levels to help you stand out as a top umpire when working your games.Ā 

For Associations

Strong associations are made of members from aĀ largeĀ geographical range and with many responsibilities outside of umpiring. Our training allows you to select the level of training your new umpires need based on each individual's skills. And unlike in-person training, you can start any new recruits training at any part of the year!

For your returning members, we build out a yearly training course that doesn't speak to them like new umpires. Instead, it focuses on rules and mechanics changes, as well as points of emphasis, to keep your umpires engaged and consistently improving.

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Explore our different courses and see which one is right for you. Let's hone our skills and make the next game our best.

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