2024 Quizzes and Videos

Week 14: From the Diamond: Three rare calls in one play!

Unlock the secrets to mastering one of the most complex scenarios an umpire can face on the field. This video isn’t just a walkthrough; it's a deep dive into a high school baseball play that brilliantly encapsulates blocking the plate, obstruction, and the rare instance of malicious contact—all in one. By dissecting this play, Patrick Faerber provides the clarity and rule-based knowledge you need to confidently make the right call in the heat of the game.

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Week 13: Attack the Slot: The Umpire’s Guide to Optimal Positioning

We dive deep into the crucial aspect of foot positioning to enhance your umpiring skills behind the plate. This detailed tutorial addresses a common oversight among umpires—proper foot alignment for both right and left-handed batters—to ensure a clear, unobstructed view of the pitch and accurate calls on balls and strikes.

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Week 12: From the Diamond: Analyzing Plays from NFHS Games

Unlock the secrets to becoming an expert umpire with our latest video, "Mastering the Field: Crucial Umpire Mechanics & Decision-Making Unveiled." Patrick takes you through a meticulous analysis of three real-game situations, offering invaluable insights into perfecting your umpiring techniques. From positioning and signals to handling complex plays, this video is an essential watch for umpires at all levels seeking to elevate their game.

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Week 11: Own The Box: Calling the Inside Pitch

Master the art of owning the batter's box against players crowding the plate. Learn how strategic positioning and clear communication can transform your approach to calling the inside pitch, ensuring fairness and accuracy in every game. Embrace these essential umpiring skills to enhance your control over the strike zone and elevate your officiating to the next level.

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Week 10: From Walking On the Field to First Pitch - Look Like a Pro

From the moment you step onto the field to the delivery of the first pitch, learn what it takes to command respect and exude professionalism.

Whether you're a seasoned umpire or just starting out, this quiz will arm you with the knowledge to make every game you officiate a showcase of your dedication to the craft. Dive in now and show the diamond who's boss!

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Week 9: Failing to Touch and Runs Scored

Missed bases, bad tag ups, and when legal touches can be made are rules that intimidate many new umpires. And for most experienced umpires, they just pray it never comes up in their games.

This week, we'll remove the guess work on some tricky plays and situations.

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Week 8: Intentionally Dropped Balls

What happens when a player has a high fly ball hit to him, and he intentionally drops the catch?

Even better question: What is the definition of an "intentional drop?"

This week, we're breaking down definitions and explaining how Intentional Drops can appear in your games.

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Week 7: Bad Throws Need Good Umpires

Most players wish they could pull off a Jeter throw. Most people also wish they were as smart as Einstein. Sadly, most people are neither.

So, when the JV player at shortstop tries that spin and throw, and puts the ball in the dugout, we need to be ready to award bases accurately and in accordance with the rules.

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Week 6: Strange Plays by Pitchers and Catchers

Let's expand on last week's player leaving the field of play and move on to pitched balls going out of play or becoming lodged in defensive or offensive equipment and uniforms.

We'll also hit on a major difference in rules between NFHS and OBR when it comes to detached equipment and pitched balls.

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Week 5: Leaving the Field of Play to Make a Play

Ever dreamed of making those spectacular over-the-fence catches that light up highlight reels? Our latest video is a must-watch for every umpire, where we delve deep into the nuances of what constitutes the playing field versus a dead ball area, and how these determinations affect awarding bases in NFHS baseball.

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Week 4: Press Box Signals and Substitutions

Clear communication is extremely important to running a smooth game.

Unfortunately, small errors or mistakes in our communication can create confusion that requires a strong understanding of the rules to clarify.

The question this week is how do we efficiently and effectively communicate with coaches and the press box? And what are key rules to working through confusing scenarios?

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Week 3: NFHS Rules vs. MLB Rules Changes

2024 will see several major rules changes at the MLB level, and this will continue to grow the gap between how the game is played at the NFHS level v. the MLB level.

Umpires need to know how to make the correct call for their games.

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Week 2: Points of Emphasis for 2024

2024 Points of Emphasis for NFHS Baseball center in on malicious contact, profanity, and pace of play. The NFHS did not add any new rules to support these points of emphasis, but instead highlighted existing rules and case plays, while also adding some definitions and instructions that they encourage umpires to use.

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Week 1: 2024 NFHS Baseball Rules Changes Quiz

In this week's quiz, we review the 2024 rules changes and the new case plays that have been added for the 2024 season.

See how well you're prepared for the 2024 season by taking the quiz!

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